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"My Income & Free Time Have Doubled...

My name is Michele Lee Nieves and I am a Life Coach, Energy Healer, Author and the creator of the YouTube Channel Michele Lee Nieves Coaching which currently has over 150,000 subscribers. I wanted to make this testimonial because reaching out to Mandie has truly taken my business to the next level.

At one time I thought I was capable of doing my own website - NOT!! Mandie helped me to design a website that truly portrayed my business professionally while capturing the emotion behind what I do. This has not only benefited me, but my customers as well - as now all of my services are under the same hub, making it easier to contract my coaching as well as my publications and courses. Mandie truly listened to the feeling that I wanted to capture with my website and I was thrilled at the beautiful, professional brand that she helped me to create. 

Since my website has launched, my income has doubled and my free time has also doubled!!

My customers love my website as now it portrays thought, care and professionalism all wrapped up in one pretty package!!

One thing that I truly appreciated while working with Mandie, was her ability to listen to my needs and create something that replicated what I envisioned.

If you are looking to work with Mandie on your business, be prepared to experience your vision, regarding your business, take shape in a professional, exciting and timely way. I have already confidently recommended her to my clients and highly recommend her to you too.

"I've Grown My Business Over 300%...

My name is Ryan Endres and I’ve been in business for 18 years as a landscaping contractor in NC. I started working with Mandie because I was looking for an easier and faster way to grow my business and I knew I needed an online presence but I just didn’t know how to do it.

She has helped me with my online business development for a few years now and since I’ve started working with her, I’ve grown my business over 300%!! I’ve hit goals I never dreamed of doing so quickly and one of my biggest dreams of owning a nursery is coming true. So many things in my life have changed since I’ve worked with her. 

Mandie has held my hand when I needed it and pushed me other times. She is a big part of my company and my favorite thing about working with her is knowing I can trust her and there are really, really good people, good marketers out there that care about your business just as much as you do. 

I’ve gained so much confidence in my work and had the biggest mindset shift around money since working with her. I’ve been really stubborn in making the changes and get in my own way, but she was able to see my blind spots and give me constructive criticism that was hard to take sometimes but once I started opening up and making changes I had the most growth in my business.

She taught me that bidding the lowest price was attracting clients I didn’t want and also losing me contracts. Now I win high paying contracts with ease and my clients are happy to pay me. Seriously!

If you are thinking about working with Mandie on your business, I would say, you better be ready to grow! I trust her so much that I'm happy to refer friends and my clients to her. 

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